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Cath Dry XL

Cath Dry XL

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A single pack contains 12 x Cath Dry dressings plus 12 x dressing strips. We recommend changing the dressing every 3 days (or between dialysis sessions), so 12 dressings typically lasts one month.

Disclaimer - Available on prescription for those who qualify Health Service Supports via government and/or private health insurance providers.

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Important Info


To apply dressing follow directions closely:

- Always clean catheter thoroughly with alcohol or Chlorhexidine pad from exit site to colored catheter tips and let air dry prior to application.
- Once dry, slide catheter into #C and remove liners #A and #B to expose adhesive surface which should be firmly pressed onto hairless skin centered around the exit site.
- Catheter should be completely inside of the dressing with exit site in the center of the ring. Remove #D clear plastic carrier with orange arrows to secure dressing on skin or water will enter.


Remove excess air from dressing prior to securing on skin. Restrict swimming to no more than 20 minutes per dressing. Water can potentially enter the dressing if
directions are not followed. To apply dressing securement prior to swimming: Remove #E (white liner) on both sides to expose adhesive and apply with non-
adhesive portion over the dressing. Remove #F (carrier)
by pulling on the blue tabs once adhesive portion is firmly sticking to skin.


Gently lift blue tab at edge of adhesive ring and slowly peel from skin. Change dressing if it begins to leak, is no longer sticking to skin, white water indicating ring turns red, or there are holes or tears in the dressing.


The Cath Dry dressings are not intended for application over infected catheters or damaged exit site, please follow directions for use when applying your Cath Dry dressing.